IT Outsourcing

IT-outsourcing-source-one-sri-lanka sourceone
Deployment  Client 
Engagement  Full-time 
Insurance/Statutory benefits  Client 
Control   Client 
Selection Decision  Client 
Termination of resource  3m after probation, 1m within probation. Compensation to employee according to the govt Acts on termination of services 
Work location   Client’s arrangement 
Hours a month  45 hours a week 
Working hours  Local time 
Additional work hours  Additional hours * 1.5 time of hours cost, according to the OT law 
Head count  Any 
Devices and Infrastructure  Client’s arrangement 
Recruitment Fee  One month’s cost in case if SourceOne deploys a profile for client 
Replacement  Free within 3 months for SourceOne deployments 
Bench  Not Provided 
Pricing  200 USD a resource, 5% Service Charge on reimbursement 
Exchange rate  Mutually agreed flat rate for every  1 year period 
Data protection/IP rights  According to the ISO 27001:2022 standards 

Our IT outsourcing solution approach is based on the belief that the outsourcing relationship with our client is a journey, where a WIN-WIN is critical. With this approach, we offer flexibility and expandability within an agreed framework, and at the same time meeting the committed service levels. The outsourcing models is designed based on our operational experiences and it complies with the industry’s best practices. We will ensure that adequate resources are assigned and service levels are provided to meet the customer’s requirements.

Technologies Specialized

  • JavaScript – React js, vue js

  • Node.js

  • Java

  • .NET

  • PHP – Laravel, Codeigniter

  • CSS

  • CMS – WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal

  • Mobile – Android, iOS, Windows