Professional Employer Organization

Deployment  Client 
Engagement  Full-time 
Control   Client 
Client requires to open an entity in SL  Yes 
Selection Decision  Client 
Termination of resource  3m after probation, 1m within probation. Compensation to employee according to the govt Acts on termination of services 
Work location   Home/Client place 
Hours a month  45 hours a week 
Working hours  Local time 
Additional work hours  Additional hours * 1.5 time of hours cost, according to the OT law 
Head count  Any 
Devices and Infrastructure  Client’s arrangement 
Recruitment Fee  One month’s cost in case if SourceOne deploys a profile for client 
Replacement  Free within 3 months for SourceOne deployments 
Bench  Not provided 
Pricing  25% against the total cost 
Insurance  Client’s arrangement 
Data protection/IP rights  According to the ISO 27001:2022 standards 

SourceOne as a PEO maintains a co-employment relationship between the client, the employee, and SourceOne. Ideally the service is limited to the companies having their own legal entity in Sri Lanka. It offers customers the essential HR assistance they need, including payroll, benefits, tax deductions, and reporting. 

In PEO, the client is responsible for the deployment, choosing the candidate, offering insurance/statutory benefits, and for whole control of the process. As a PEO we provide full-time employees only but offer any number of employees upon our client’s request. On any occasion, if we had to deploy a profile on behalf of our client, the recruitment fee will be only a month’s cost and without any obligation, we will replace SourceOne’s deployments during the first 3 months of recruitment. 

The client will be responsible for providing insurance benefits to the employee as well as devices and infrastructure facilities. Nevertheless, the client has the authority in deciding the work location of their employee and if it is not home the client will have to arrange a workplace. And the employee is expected to work 45 hours per week. 

For the dedicated service provided by SourceOne, we will charge a reasonable service fee against the total cost, and we have measures in place to protect clients’ data/IP rights to comply with the ISO 27001:2022 standards.