Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What can SourceOne offer us?

SourceOne will offer you wide range of outsourcing facilities with innovative and attractive ways. We will provide our services to Human Resource Outsourcing, Process Outsourcing, Staff Outsourcing and Overseas Outsourcing.

2. Can SourceOne facilitate for more than one function to a client?

Yes, as SourceOne processes are flexible and design according to the clients’ requirements, SourceOne is able to provide services for more than one function if necessary.

3. How SourceOne facilitate for overseas outsourcing?

SourceOne will facilitate by providing all infrastructure that the employee needs including office space in the SourceOne head office, in Pannipitiya, Colombo, Sri Lanka. Recruiting employees will also be done by SourceOne according to the provided requirements of the client. Client can also check the suitability of the candidate and select for the Outsourcing operation.

4. Why outsource to SourceOne?

SourceOne provides the quality services to their clients. It will assist client to release the internal employees from huge workloads and free their mind to focus on their core business activities than the back office operations. Also it will result to save cost of the company and to build business partnerships with service providing companies.

5. Where are the SourceOne clients located?

In Sri Lanka and Singapore.

6. How client can sure the confidentiality of data?

SourceOne will sign a Non-disclosure Agreement with the Client before start the partnership. If any information got leaked from our side Clients have the full authority to take legal actions against SourceOne. Therefore we are highly concentrating on 100% confidentiality.

7. How soon can SourceOne provide their facilities?

As soon as we get an inquiry we will contact the client with in two working days and after the discussions of the both the parties SourceOne is able to finalize the process approximately within a month.

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